Piper: The Scottish Piper.  A painting in oils by Mary Ann EbertsPiper: The Scottish Piper. A painting in oils by Mary Ann Eberts


1. I am indebted firstly to the Aldis descendants who alerted me to the fact that 12 year old Mary Ann Aldis did survive the Atlantic crossing in 1837. They also kindly provided much useful family information.

2. Additionally I wish to record my grateful thanks to the descendants of Mary Ann Aldis and Henry Eberts - principally Jay Howard, Charles Nelson, Stuart Robertson - who supplied much of the information on which this account is based.

3. Once again I am indebted to Jim and Lisa Gilbert of Chatham who ferreted out, inter alia, the death notice of Henry Ewart Eberts as reported in the local Chatham newspaper.

4. My Canada researcher, Sue Hatten, also deserves special mention. Not only has she conducted the routine searches, she has also gone beyond the bounds of duty to elicit specialised information of particular interest.

5. As ever, Marion Aldis has put this account together, marrying my text to the available illustration.