The Quaker Connection

As already said, Osborne’s responses to questions from the Receiver at his bankruptcy hearing read like an excerpt from a comic novel. He comes across as evasive, irresponsible, and semi- detached from the reality of his situation. What would his admirable father and grandfather have made of it? Daniel and Mary, surely, would have been at a complete loss.


  1. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to the late Douglas E.W. Aldous, foremost historian of this family name, who did much of the early research into this particular family. Always frustrated by his inability to discover Daniel’s parentage, Douglas accepted my suggested genealogy as reasonable and plausible. He would have been delighted, I know, by my recent finding of Andrew ALDIS’S first wife, Hannah ELLINGTON, and the knowledge that Daniel and his siblings are no longer parentless.
  2. It has been a source of great pleasure to have become acquainted with Daphne (Aldis) Heggarty, a direct descendant of this family. Daphne has contributed much detail to the foregoing account, for which I am very grateful.
  3. I should also like to record thanks to my professional researcher, Joanne, Penn, who made crucial breakthroughs in 18th century records; and to Jacqueline Doubtfire who unearthed some fascinating contemporary newspaper reports.
  4. I acknowledge written permission granted by the Norfolk Record office to use information obtained during my research on parish registers and records.

George Aldis

June 2013