Mary Ann Aldis (1794-1889)

The Bressingham records show three payments of £100 each in 1831, 1832, and 1833 with a total interest repayment of £29.16.00 (NRO PD 111/83). Similarly, the Churchwardens and Parish Overseers of Carbrooke accepted a loan of £200 from Richard Dewing to assist emigration of the poor to be repaid by means of a church rate over four years (NRO PD 124/49).

An interesting example because of its detail is to be found in the parish records of Carleton Rode: the Vestry Minute Book of the Churchwarden’s Account lists the full expenses and receipts in connection with the emigration of "John Ringer and wife with five children, and James Hawse, James Pitt and Edward Hinchley to Quebec on Board 'The Miser' which sailed from Yarmouth on the 11th day of May 1832".

On a small printed card - like a visiting card - are the receipt and, on the back, the names of the passengers:


For Quebec Jas. Ringer Thomas Spurgeon, Master Mrs Ringer Deposit paid 15.0.0 1 Adult
Balance 18.0.0 child 1 - 6 years
Paid May 9th 33.0.0 child 1 – 10
child 1 - 11
Passage money paid by Wm Sayer: Jas. Haws – 1 Adult
Leveritt – Do.
Edw. Kinsey – Do.
Ja. Tile - Do.

The parish papers of Heacham contain similar accounts: very detailed original letters and bills, names of passengers, fares paid, provisions loaded on board, together with the official letters that were exchanged to set up the scheme. Twenty - three adults and children emigrated, mainly from two families named Garner and Tickling, sailing on the ship ‘The Penelope’ from Kings Lynn on the 27th of May 1836 (NRO PD 699/90 1-37).